How does this work?

Campsites fill up fast, but people often have to cancel their reservations when a conflict comes up. That's where we come in. We scan for those cancellations and notify you if we find one that matches the campground, dates, and options you're looking for.

What campgrounds can I search?

Currently we can scan campgrounds that are managed by the following sites:

  • Recreation.gov: Includes over 4000 campgrounds on federal lands including National Parks and US Forest Service land.
  • Yellowstone: Includes the 5 campgrounds at Yellowstone that are managed by yellowstonenationalparklodges.com instead of Recreation.gov
  • Washington State Parks: Includes nearly 200 campgrounds in 75 Washington State Parks
  • ReserveAmerica: Includes nearly 290,000 campsites at thousands of campgrounds across the United States.
  • ReserveCalifornia: Includes campsites at over 280 parks throughout California.
  • More coming soon! We're already hard at work adding more reservation systems.

What is an Alert?

An Alert is how you tell us where and when to check for open campsites. You tell us the campground and the dates you want to camp, and then we get to work checking for sites to become available.

I can't find a campground I know exists

Each reservation system is a little different. Some won't let us search with less than 3 letters, others require at least 4. Some, like ReserveCalifornia, only search park names, not the actual name of the campground. If you still can't find a campground, email help@camperalerts.com with the text you searched, the park name, and the campground name and we'll look into it.

Why do you charge for alerts?

Running a website like this isn't cheap. The code runs on servers that cost money each month. Every email and text message that gets sent to notify you of available campsites costs money. And the more the site grows, the more those costs increase. The goal is to keep the fees for alerts as low as possible while still bringing in enough money to keep the site running.

How much does it cost?

We have 3 different options for alerts with 3 different prices. You can see more detail on the Pricing page. All purchases are handled by our partner Stripe and we never have access to any of your payment information.

Can I check the same campground for multiple dates?

If you buy the Pro Alert you can choose 2 different date ranges to check. It's perfect if your camping trip has flexible dates, giving you a better chance of finding a site. For example, if you want to camp for 2 nights, you could check for Friday-Sunday and Saturday-Monday.

How often do you check for available sites?

It depends on the type of Alert you choose. We check Basic Alerts once every hour, Plus Alerts every 30 minutes, and Pro Alerts every 15 minutes.

Can I check for specific sites?

Do you have a favorite campsite that you want to check for? If you buy an Plus Alert you can narrow your search to 1 specific site, or buy a Pro Alert to search for 5 specific sites.

How do you notify me?

If we find a match for your Alert we will send you an email notification. Be sure to add alerts@camperalerts.com to your contacts so it doesn't get flagged as spam. If you buy a Pro Alert you'll also have the option to receive alerts via text message.

Do you book the campsite for me?

No, we just handle checking for available sites and notifying you. Booking the campsite is still handled through the campground's website, but we'll include a link to it in the notification email.

What if you don't find any available sites?

Unfortunately we can't predict if or when someone will cancel a reservation. The fee you pay is for us to monitor campgrounds. While the chances of someone canceling a reservation are good, it's not a guarantee.

How can I find out when new features are released?

You can check the Release Notes page for details on what features are included in each update to the website. Soon there will also be an option to receive email notifications about new features so keep an eye out for that announcement.

Other Questions?

If you have any other questions that aren't listed here, please feel free to email help@camperalerts.com and we'll get an answer for you as soon as possible.